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Open Field

Our drone based solution has the highest potential for large scale detection and monitoring of pests and diseases on open fields.

This solution is designed for large food crop farmers and seeding industry. 

Key features are:

  • Field management information overview.

  • Filtering & selecting per parameter allows to find back the exact pests & diseases on specific plots.

  • Benchmark fields with the same input. 

  • Evaluate effect of variables.

  • Benchmark traits to find synergies.

  • Benchmark performance against targets and reference.

  • Simulate detections in combination with other products and external conditions.

  • Generate field recommendations.


An important part of pest and disease control in greenhouses is early detection. Growers need a solution that provides them a peace of mind.

The care4crops greenhouse solution is a complete automated detection system. A device can autonomously move through the greenhouse and provide real-time information about the presence of pests & diseases. 


This real-time solution increases the early stage detection efficiently, reduces the workload for growers to monitor the status of their greenhouse and also reduces pesticide usage.

It will also reduce yield in food plants and pastures, boost food productivity and food quality. 

This solution will be available Q1 2022.

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