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Image analysis technology

Globally, annual crop losses to food plant pests and diseases are estimated to between 20 to 40 percent of production. In terms of economic value, plant diseases alone cost the global economy around US$220 billion annually and invasive insects around US$ billion.

Care4crops is an image analysis technology that will reshape the food crop farming- and seed breeding industry. 

The care4crops solutions is a fully automated monitoring system  with an accuracy of 98 percent to detect pests & diseases for open field and greenhouse agriculture. We are able to reduce yield in food plants and pastures and boost agricultural food productivity.

Net Covering Crops

The importance of quality

With so many options available to customers, industry experts wondering whether or not quality still matters.

Our answer is a resounding "yes".

Quality is key differentiator in a high demanding and crucial market: growing food. We deliver quality solutions to exceed industry standards and satisfy our customers and retaining their loyalty.

Providing quality isn't just about offering a product or service that exceeds the standard, but it's also about the reputation we gain for consistently delivering our customer experience that is "above and beyond". Quality is on our DNA.

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